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How PetFlow Won the Content Marketing Game

Posted by | Dec 18, 2014


Seth Godin, the American business author and marketer who became famous for popularizing the concept of permission-based marketing, stated in 2008: “Content marketing is the only marketing left." That statement still resonates today.

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How to Counter Digital Ad Fraud

Posted by | Dec 17, 2014


Consumers aren’t the only ones being scammed by digital fraudsters. Advertisers are also the victims of sophisticated fraud schemes. Businesses paying for ad impressions and clicks are getting ripped off. A number of recent reports give us some indication of how big the problem is for advertisers, ad networks and publishers.

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Should Marketers Quit Facebook?

Posted by | Dec 16, 2014


Forrester, a respected research firm, is telling marketers to stop using Facebook if they want to build social relationships with their prospects and customers. While Forrester is a popular market research firm, we are talking about Facebook here--the social media platform used by almost all B2B and B2C marketers for content and relationship marketing. So what's a marketer to do?

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The Essential Guide to the Ultimate Content Marketing Blueprint

Posted by | Dec 11, 2014


You need a map to go from Point A to Point B. You need a blueprint to construct a building. And you certainly need a well-defined plan to build and run a successful content marketing project. A content blueprint sets standards, guides your journey and helps you stick to the course. Below, we’ve highlighted the 7 critical components of a world-class content marketing blueprint.

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5 Fascinating Facts about the Boomer Woman and E-commerce

Posted by | Dec 10, 2014


How well do you know the boomer woman? Women over the age of 50 have a combined net worth of $19 trillion. They are becoming super-consumers. In addition to controlling household spending decisions, they are also likely to control their parents' puse strings.

Here are five things you should know about the baby boomer woman.

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5 Ways to Write Better Headlines

Posted by | Dec 9, 2014


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. That adage applies to headlines just as well as human behavior. If you want to improve your headline writing, then use these practical tips to write better headlines.

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How to Gain 1800 Email Subscribers in 30 Days [Case Study]

Posted by | Dec 4, 2014

Laptop Work-1

You've heard all the usual advice on how to grow an email list--host a webinar, run a Facebook contest, etc. One of the most underrated methods of building a quality email list is by tapping into the gold mine on your own website. In fact, we did just that for a client in the retail industry. The result? Our client gained 1,800 new email subscribers for less than a pack of gum (per subscriber).

Here's how we did it.

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Are You Getting the Most out of Google Analytics?

Posted by | Dec 3, 2014


So you signed up for Google Analytics, set up your account and added that crazy code snippet to your website. We’re done, right? Wrong. We've only begun to scratch the surface of what Google Analytics can track on your website.

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