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Get More Engagement from Your B2B Email Marketing [Free Webinar]

Posted by | Oct 20, 2014


Crafting compelling email content is a constant challenge. In fact, it is the biggest challenge facing email marketers today, according to a recent survey. That’s why we put together a B2B email marketing webinar to help you transform your email campaigns.

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4 ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media

Posted by | Oct 16, 2014


The holy grail of digital marketing is combining the benefits of email and social media marketing. Integrating the ubiquitous use of social networks with the effectiveness of email would seem to be a winning recipe for any marketing campaign. Yet, for many businesses, the two channels compete, each trying to best the other.

Social media offers the greatest opportunities for marketers, but email delivers the bacon when it comes to lead generation and ROI. Marketers understand that social media must be part their mix. According to Social Media Examiner’s 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 92% of marketers said that social media is important for their business. That’s up 6% since 2013.

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A 7 Step Guide to Social Media Crisis Management

Posted by | Oct 15, 2014


At some point, your company will be involved in some sort of social media scandal, backlash or complaints-gone-wild scenario. Don't wait until you're faced with a crisis to start preparing an action plan. Having a plan in place for such a scenario is the first step toward resolving the issue quickly and effectively.

So what should your social crisis management plan look like?

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5 Must-Know Technical SEO Factors for Better Search Rankings

Posted by | Oct 14, 2014


Roll up your sleeves, buckle your belt and get ready to peek under the hood of your website. Like your car, your website requires regular maintenance in order to perform at a high level. If you’re trailing competitors in search rankings, your website probably has a few SEO bolts that must be tightened.

The discussion on SEO tends to center around on-page factors and, more recently, social media. Both are important signals, but they shouldn’t be the only ones you focus on. One of the cornerstones of search marketing success is technical SEO. I’m talking about the boring little things that make a huge impact. Technical ranking factors like meta data, site architecture and schema markup directly influence search rankings.

Here are the five must-know technical SEO factors that impact search rankings.

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The 3 Most Effective Content Marketing Channels

Posted by | Oct 13, 2014


Content marketing is one of the latest trends sweeping through the marketing industry. Not only is the content itself key, the channels by which you share the content are also critical. With so many different options available, it can be challenging to find which channels work best for your needs. 

A recent survey from MarketingSherpa has revealed the three most effective forms of content marketing.

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How to Pick the Right Social Media Platform for B2B

Posted by | Oct 9, 2014


How do you pick the right social media platforms for your B2B business? It’s a legitimate question, given the rapid changes in social media. Whether you’re new to social media marketing or trying to expand your efforts, there are two ways to answer this question.

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5 Unusual Marketing Ideas That Worked

Posted by | Oct 8, 2014


Sometimes a little creativity goes a long way. History is rife with unique, out-of-the-box campaigns that drove results. By highlighting a few brands that employed these unusual marketing tactics and reaped huge benefits in their online marketing, I hope it gets your own creative juices flowing.

Here are five unusual marketing ideas that worked.

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5 Key Features of Google’s New Callout Ad Extension

Posted by | Oct 7, 2014


If you’ve been frustrated with the limited amount of text Google allows in AdWords, you’ll be happy to learn of their recently launched Callout Ad Extension. The callout ad extension allows you to include an extra line of text in your search ads. You might use this to highlight important aspects of your business, including products and services you’re promoting.

For example, you could use the callout to mention business policies, like limited time offers, free shipping, price-matching and operating hours. You might also use it to highlight product features, such as remote controlled, light weight, or batteries included. The possibilities really are unlimited, and providing these extra details can make it easier for consumers to make a decision in your favor. 

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