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Direct Mail Services

Direct mail remains a powerful channel for customer B2B and B2C acquisition and retention. Despite growing competition from digital channels, direct mail continues to be the workhorse for generating traffic, leads and making sales. Many consumers still prefer tried-and-true direct mail. In fact, advances in digital, data and analytics have made it possible to deliver more targeted and segmented communication. This results in a better ROI for direct mail.

Direct Mail Segmentation: A successful direct mail campaign starts with understanding your audience. Our agency does data profiling and modeling to lead the segmentation and the creative required to get customers and prospects to take action. After 25+ years of experience, we know how to increase your overall results.

Unbeatable Direct Experience: DMN3’s award-winning lead generation and customer retention campaigns work because we know the secrets and the formulas that make direct mail successful. Whether your goal is to reach existing customers or acquire new ones, we know how to get your message to your audience. We're confident we have the solutions, services and support necessary to dramatically transform your marketing program and make you a hero.

Our Team

  • Certified Direct Mail Professionals (PDM)
  • Integrated Media Strategists
  • Direct Response Copywriters

Our Solutions

  • Data Profiling and Modelingt
  • Direct Mail Promotions
  • Content and Offer Strategies
  • Direct Mail Testing
  • Segmentation and Targeting strategy
  • Integrated Media Plans (Online and Offline)


  • Discover the keys to effective direct mail and social media integration.

    In this guide, we’ll show you how to make social media and direct mail work together to amplify your leads.


Our Stories

Traffic Generation

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Traffic Generation

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