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Direct Response Marketing Services

Direct response marketing is the heart and soul of all marketing. Offline or online, our direct response marketing tactics encourage prospects and customers to take immediate action. Research and deep insights drive our direct marketing programs. If you want to generate leads at an affordable cost-per-lead (C-P-L) or improve customer retention, count on DMN3's 25+ years of experience in direct response marketing. 

Integrated Direct Marketing: We employ a multi-channel approach that integrates online with offline media to drive response to help you achieve your cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Our agency will help you reach those who may not know about your solutions and re-engage lapsed customers through optimized direct mail campaigns. Your prospects get relevant offers that cater to their needs; you get the kudos. Win-win.

Direct Marketing Expertise: Aside from our proven results, what separates DMN3 from the competition is our expertise. We have a certified Direct Marketing Professional (PDM) on staff, one of only a handful in the United States. Our direct marketing strategies increase response and help you reach the right consumers at the right time while keeping costs affordable.

Our Team

  • Certified Direct Marketing Professional
  • Experienced in Direct Response TV, Radio, Print, Inserts
  • Direct Response Copywriters 
  • Integrated Media Experts
  • Lead Generation Experts 

Our Solutions

  • Control Busters that Improve Cost-per-Lead and Cost-per-Acquisition
  • Content and Offer Development
  • Direct Response Creative Development
  • Integrated Media Planning including online and offline
  • Landing Pages that Convert
  • Alternative Media and Remnant Media Planners and Buyers
  • Pay-for-Inquiry (PI) Lead Generation


  • 25 tried and true principles that inspire readers to take action.

    We've learned the secrets, and now we're sharing them with you.


Our Stories

At the end of the day, clients need to sell their products and services. That's why we use both inboud marketing and direct response marketing. We create lead generation platforms across every channel including search, social media, direct response email and direct mail and broadcast.

Traffic Generation

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Traffic Generation

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