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6 Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces You Can't Resist

Posted by | Dec 10, 2015

World Water Day Card

It’s getting harder to stand out in direct marketing. Many marketers are grabbing attention by being creative and outrageously unique. A good DM piece manages the difficult task of blending creativity with a compelling message, often delivering both at the same time. If you’re reading a direct mail piece and laughing your head off or interacting with it in ways that excite you, then the piece has succeeded in delivering that balance.

Of course, motivations—external and internal—play a huge role in determining how to approach a direct mail campaign. A highly targeted piece aimed at generating leads will differ from one designed to create awareness. The challenge is always to make it compelling enough to make recipients rip open the envelope.

Here’s a countdown of 6 direct mail campaigns that successfully managed both.

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Are You Making These Direct Marketing Mistakes?

Posted by | Sep 8, 2015

Direct marketing is one of the oldest types of marketing. While the Internet has changed the way marketers use direct marketing, many continue to make the same common mistakes that they made years ago.

Reducing even a few of the common mistakes will result in a better return for your marketing dollars.

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Smartphone Dominance Challenged in New Study

Posted by | Sep 1, 2015


Just how dominant are smartphones? As marketers, we’re always touting mobile’s rise as the preferred device for online activities. We recite these stats as easily as the ingredients in our favorite Chipotle burrito. Remember when desktop commanded a large piece of the online browsing pie? Today, mobile owns the pie. We relish these insights until new insights or experiences unexpectedly dowse us with a bucket of cold water. Which is exactly what happened when I stumbled upon a new study from BuzzCity.

I started this blog post with a question, “Just how dominant are smartphones?” BuzzCity researchers uncovered the answer, as well as some fascinating patterns.

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How to Fix the 3 Biggest Landing Page Issues

Posted by | Aug 20, 2015

Landing Page Form

Put on your consumer hat for a second. Take a cursory glance at your landing page and ask yourself, “If I were a prospect, why would I download this offer?” If you can’t think of a good reason to take that next step within three seconds, then your offer needs to be improved. You only have approximately 3-5 seconds to capture a user’s attention.

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The One PPC Mistake You’re Probably Making

Posted by | Aug 19, 2015


Did you know that most PPC campaigns fail to generate positive results? Why do so many brands continue to throw ad dollars in the waste basket by launching ineffective PPC campaigns? Well, the answer lies in one common PPC mistake almost every business makes.

And that mistake is…

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29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics

Posted by | Aug 13, 2015


One of the biggest content marketing challenges is measuring content effectiveness. Creating quality content is one thing. Understanding how to evaluate content performance is another thing. Traffic and pageviews don't tell the full story. You have to dig deeper and take a closer look at how your content program is impacting your bottom line.

So what should you measure?

Luckily for you, Curata has compiled a list of the most meaningful content marketing metrics. These include engagement metrics, cost metrics and sales metrics.

Check out the infographic below.

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How Credit Unions Can Drive Big Revenue with Big Data

Posted by | Aug 12, 2015


There's a Tsunami sweeping through the landscape of marketing. It's called big data. Big data is shaking up businesses across various sectors, from health care to credit unions. But what exactly does this mean for the modern credit union marketer?

To understand how to maximize the promise of big data analytics requires a thorough grasp of the concept.

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Topics: Data and Analytics, Data Modeling

Why Google Restructured as Alphabet

Posted by | Aug 11, 2015


Big news from Google to start the week. The entity widely known as Google has restructured under the new empire Alphabet. As for the search engine giant we know as Google, it will still stay Google. So you won’t have to use a new word when you look up information on the Internet. You won’t have to, say, Alphabet it (Phew!). So why the big change?

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