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Three Key Factors for Optimizing Lead Generation

Posted by | Jun 9, 2017

Optimizing Lead Generation

How do you optimize your efforts for lead generationFirst you need to understand the persona of the target – those who view your email, website, landing page, etc.

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Topics: Optimization, Lead Generation

Lead Generation Creative

Posted by | Mar 23, 2017

Chances are, you are interested in improving your lead generation results or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. As a student of marketing you already know that customers buy based on benefits that address an emotional need or desire. If you have “analyzed your potential customers," i.e. targeted market segments, you have a clear understanding of the desires and needs that you can address with your product or service.

As you know, a customer:

  • Buys on emotion
  • Justifies with logic
  • Looks for what your product or service can do for them
  • Seeks to solve a problem (avoid pain) or increase their pleasure
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Topics: Lead Generation, Consumer Insights

How Top CMOs Engage and Educate Employees

Posted by | Apr 19, 2016

CMOs have a lot on their plate. They are leading the charge to new technology and marketing processes to engage digital customers and build their company’s brand. Most astute CMO and C-Suite executives understand that to pull off such a transformation, they need to engage and educate their own employees as part of that effort. 

Altimeter's "2014 State of Digital Transformation" report defines digital transformation as “the realignment of, or new investments in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle.”

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Topics: Content Marketing

Kick-Start Your 2017 AEP Medicare Advantage Marketing

Posted by | Feb 25, 2016

Senior Marketing Tactics

What does a local or regionally focused Medicare Advantage plan need to do to jumpstart their 2017 AEP marketing? The answer is; "build your brand" in your service area. Strong branding takes precedence over quality when it comes to Medicare Advantage plan enrollment.

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Topics: Medicare Advantage Marketing

3 Brilliant Examples of Social Media Lead Generation Done Right

Posted by | Dec 2, 2015


Social media has grown astronomically over the years. With millions of users now engaged across various social platforms, brands have a lot to gain by harnessing the power of social media for lead generation.

Let's take a look at three brands that exemplify social media lead generation best practices. Our hope is that these examples will inspire ideas and insights for your own organization.

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Topics: Social Media

How to Integrate Direct Marketing and Social Media

Posted by | Aug 18, 2015


Social media’s role as an essential marketing channel is well documented. What’s changing is the way it’s being used for direct marketing purposes. It boils down to three fundamental ways to combine direct and social media marketing.

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Three Storytelling Secrets for Lead Conversion

Posted by | Jun 11, 2015

Allstate Mayhem is Coming

Today's CMO is focused on increasing both the quality and quantity of leads. Lead nurturing is often further down the priority list. Concentrating on generating quality leads is a worthy objective, but the ability to nurture those leads is just as important.

While a few leads may be ready for sales, the vast majority are not. You must continue to engage them to move them along in the buying process. A lead nurturing process is the means to educate and better inform them. By doing so, you will build trust and sound relationship with them that, over time, will convert marketing qualified leads (MQL) into sales qualified leads (SQL). This is where brand storytelling has proven to be a successful device.

Storytelling is a meaningful way to engage, educate and empower customers and prospects. Marketers have been telling stories for years. Yet, the art of effectively using storytelling to generate and nurture leads is an ongoing challenge.

Here are a few storytelling tips to consider.

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Topics: Marketing Automation

The Truth About Boomers and Direct Marketing

Posted by | May 13, 2015


Most marketers make one common mistake when marketing to Baby Boomers. This mistake accounts for the failure of direct marketing campaigns geared toward Boomers. The mistake? Addressing Boomers as a monolithic group. In reality, Boomers are a generation of people whose drivers and interests differ widely. We recently highlighted the differences between Boomers and Millennials, but it’s also important to understand how Boomers differ from other Boomers.

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Topics: Boomer and Senior Marketing

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