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Posted by | Mar 23, 2017

Chances are, you are interested in improving your lead generation results or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. As a student of marketing you already know that customers buy based on benefits that address an emotional need or desire. If you have “analyzed your potential customers," i.e. targeted market segments, you have a clear understanding of the desires and needs that you can address with your product or service.

As you know, a customer:

  • Buys on emotion
  • Justifies with logic
  • Looks for what your product or service can do for them
  • Seeks to solve a problem (avoid pain) or increase their pleasure
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Topics: Lead Generation, Consumer Insights

7 Changing Buying Behaviors You Must Address

Posted by | Dec 23, 2015

I don't have to tell you that the customers' buying behavior continues to evolve. Technology empowers this changing behavior. It gives shoppers easier access to the information needed to make buying decisions before they walk into a store or contact a salesperson. It also enables them to quickly share information and opinions with friends and peers.

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Topics: Strategy, Consumer Insights, SEO, Search Marketing

Consumer Insights: Quality Still King

Posted by | Nov 19, 2014

Quality is Still KingA number of recent studies provide us insights as to how consumers form impressions of companies and what drives brand loyalty. The quality of a company’s products and services trumps all other factors when it comes to these consumer behaviors.

Two studies released this fall show clearly that despite the recent economic downturn, quality is the top factor that drives consumers’ impressions of companies and their brand loyalty.

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Topics: Consumer Insights

How to Target Your Baby Boomer Personas

Posted by | Jan 21, 2014

Baby Boomer Persona

The customer profiling aspects of marketing are often based on what data and analytics tell you about customers who are already interested in your products or services. But what if there were 80 million untapped customers who didn't fit your current customer persona, and are therefore left by the wayside based on your marketing strategies? This might be the case if you aren't actively marketing to Baby Boomers. Using a holistic approach, including digital media, personable customer service options, and an authentic representation of seniors is a solid place to begin.

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Topics: Strategy, Consumer Insights, Boomer and Senior Marketing

Is Attribution Modeling Changing the Marketing Industry?

Posted by | Nov 12, 2013

One major change to the marketing and advertising industry of late is the use of attribution modeling, which gives credit where it’s due for channels involved in driving sales. Thanks to big data and computer processing power, marketers are getting closer to knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t.Attribution modeling analytics

A hundred years ago, John Wanamaker was quoted as saying: “I know that half of my advertising budget is wasted; I just don’t know which half.” The quote is as true today as it was then for many businesses. That’s because the consumer experience on the path to buying often involves multiple “touch points.”

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Topics: Data and Analytics, Consumer Insights

Mobile Isn’t a Marketing Channel – It’s a Behavior

Posted by | Oct 9, 2013

At DMN3 we are asked a lot of questions like, “how do we drive traffic in mobile?” or “what is the best way to advertise in mobile?” My response is that mobile isn't a marketing channel, it's a behavior.  

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Topics: Consumer Behavior, Consumer Insights, Mobile Marketing

What Does the Term “SoLoMo” Mean to You?

Posted by | Aug 27, 2013

Ever hear the term “SoLoMo?” The term was created in 2010 by three partners at Kleiner Perkins, a venture capital firm. It was an effort to encompass three megatrends that were changing consumer buying behaviors. The trends were mobile platforms, social networks and local commerce. “We thought what we should really do is try to put an inclusive concept around these three megatrends that seem to be driving a lot of new value, and point out that it is at the integration of these three megatrends that a lot of products and services are being created,” Chien (one of the partners) says.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Social Media, Consumer Insights

Rational Versus Emotional Advertising Appeals: Should You Care?

Posted by | Aug 13, 2013

Marketers design advertising with a motivational appeal to convey their message. These ad appeals are often classified as either emotional or rational. Such a practice often reflects a naive and false grasp of how they work.

rational versus emotional avertisingEmotion plays a role in how you react to everything. Your brain has hard-wired emotional responses in it. The reaction is instinctive. Every ad, including the most rational, will elicit an emotional response.

That response is also personal. Consumers bring their own past experiences and psychological makeup to bear. They also bring their own perceptions of the brand, product or service. These factors shape consumers’ responses to advertising.  No one size fits all applies to advertising appeals. For example, as adults age they focus more on emotional information.

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Topics: Strategy, Lead Generation, Consumer Insights

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